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McGuirk Bros Construction: Professional PEI Based Contractors

Our story

McGuirk Bros Construction was launched in 1999 by four brothers who have the knowledge and the determination to form a successful construction company.

Joseph, Jerry, Norman and Richard, the McGuirk brothers, are licensed, Red Seal Certified, Journeymen carpenters who have more than 20 years’ experience in the construction industry. They take pride in each and every project they undertake, large or small, and only hire qualified and respected tradesmen whom they know are capable of providing the quality workmanship which their customers expect.

At McGuirk Bros Construction, we are detailed oriented and complete each project with as little stress as possible to the client.

In order to stay up to date with the latest changes in the construction industry, McGuirk Bros Construction takes courses every year.

The most rewarding part of the business for the McGuirk brothers is their clients’ complete satisfaction with the finished product. To drive by a house or an addition they've completed and to know that people are enjoying the results of their work brings the McGuirk brothers a feeling of great pride and satisfaction.

The quality of their work, their attention to detail and their positive and friendly attitude are characteristic of their work.

McGuirk Bros Construction’s reputation is built on quality work.

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